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Hotel Mozart - Fam. Krenn
Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Straße 25
5640 Bad Gastein, Salzburger Land, Österreich

Tel. +43 6434 2686 • office@hotelmozart.at

Bad Gastein in the Gastein valley, Salzburg

The world spa resort Bad Gastein is located in the Gastein valley of Salzburg. On the foot of the Graukogel there is one historical building next to the other, one more beautiful as the other. The Hotel Mozart is one of them. In its charming yellow the hotel welcomes its guest.

The Monte Carlo of the Alps: Bad Gastein

Around the famous waterfall there are a lot of hotels with ornate façades. If you look in the inside of the hotels you will discover the whole beauty of the past with its beautiful crystal chandelier and silver cutlery as if time had stood still. You want to enjoy a coffee? Then go to the cafés in Bad Gastein and be part of the history.

Water was always important for Bad Gastein. The mystical waterfall in the heart of the city is probably the most photographed motive of the tourists. The healing springs attract year for year guests into the Gastein valley and to the Hotel Mozart. They visit the thermal baths, the “Heilstollen” or the vapour bath. Since centuries those guests trust the healing power of the Gasteiner water.

The Gastein valley and its municipalities

Like sisters - each one with its own character and still similar – are the three municipalities of the Gastein valley.

Bad Hofgastein:  

Bad Hofgastein is spa resort and winter sport municipality and especially popular by families. Located at the widest point of the Gastein valley you surely find your favorite spot to enjoy the sun. 


Dorfgastein is the oldest and the smallest municipality of the Gastein valley. Dorfgastein is with its living tradition and its very own atmosphere a perfect place for active people. “Up to the mountain” is the motto of the small village.

 Bad Gastein:

Bad Gastein lies 1.000 meter over the sea, perfect for regaining strength and to fill up the batteries.  Breathe the healthy air in the oldest swiss pine forest in Europe or dip your toes in the thermal water. Bad Gastein is literally healthful for body and soul.

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“I have spent such a lovely time in the Hotel Mozart with memories about the earlier years! I hope I can come again thank you for everything!” Eva Susanne P. Memphis, Tennessee USA