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Hotel Mozart - Fam. Krenn
Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Straße 25
5640 Bad Gastein, Salzburger Land, Österreich

Tel. +43 6434 2686 • office@hotelmozart.at

Especially careful therapy: the vapour bath in Bad Gastein

First you will smell the lovely lavender scent which you can smell all around the vapour bath. The historic building is located in the center of Bad Gastein surrounded by colorful flowers. The mountain in the back and outside the window you can see the beautiful and famous waterfall. Since 1825 the vapour bath eases pain for patients who can’t get another therapy.

Get fit with the gentle radon-vapour

Direct under the building you can find the spring called “Elisabethquelle” which transports the valuable radon- thermal vapour to the therapy rooms. Take a seat in the comfortable baths and enjoy your bath in the healing vapour. You breathe fresh air while your body can enjoy the healing vapour. After just 20 minutes your body has received the ideal amount of radon. This form of vapour bath is especially gentle for heart, circulatory and breathing.

Sometimes the patients can’t get a traditional thermal bath because of their limited medical condition but exactly for those patients the vapour bath is an alternative therapy treatment.

Indication for vapour baths

Following afflictions can be mitigated if you take vapour baths regularly:

  • Spinal syndromes
  • Bekhterev syndrome
  • Chronic polyarthritis
  • Chronical muscle tension
  • Respiratory diseases
  • Vegetative exhaustion and regeneration

 The Gasteiner vapour bath as part of your therapy

Vapour baths are the ideal addition to your remaining therapy program. In just 20 minutes you have finished your therapy session. Additional to the healing baths you can enjoy massages in the vapour bath. You will smell the lovely lavender scent while you enjoy your reflexology, shiatsu- treatment and hay-blossom packs.

More information to the vapour bath in Bad Gastein

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 “I really love Bad Gastein it has given me health and the Hotel Mozart has given me a second home.” Pia from St.


Dunstbad in Bad GasteinThe most important indications:
• Bechterew disease (ankylosing spondylitis)
• Chronic polyarthritis
• Degenerative disorders of the joints and spine
• Chronic muscle tension
• Vegetative exhaustion and regeneration


Opening hours:
Monday to Friday: 8 am - 1 pm and 4 pm - 6.20 pm
Saturday: 8 - 12 am